Weight Loss and Cellulite

Obesity male and female pattern
Weight Loss

People with very overweight are more likely to be more seriously ill than thin people - and die earlier ... Paradoxically, the worse are the men with relatively less overweight than downright obese women. Maybe it's because obesity is not just one. Joey Atlas Expert

A) Obesity female type (gyros, Czech "pear") is characterized by strong thighs and butt, hips and possibly breasts, but certain physiological reasons, it is less risky.

At least in transition
B) Obesity male (android) type of condition is typical especially (though not only) for men and is characterized by a relatively lean lower limbs and large protruding belly. Women with this type of obesity (originally may even be very slim, narrow pelvis - boyish type) will have the same health problems as men, escalating in transition and menopause. They are vulnerable to even more than obese men (high risk is mainly in terms of diabetes and heart).

The male type of overweight and obesity is associated with a higher risk of developing or worsening of certain diseases, such as:

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